Our Staff

Our Staff

Yasaleah Anderson

Start year: 2011
Position: President

520-731-1117 ext. 107

I’m Yasaleah Anderson. I joined NSI Nursing in September 2011 – coming to the Agency with a strong background in real estate land development, law, business owner, and leadership. I utilized my business and marketing skills to help grow the company and broaden its base. I immediately realized I had made the right career change, as I found such an appreciation for the patients and the existing staff. I quickly realized NSI was a company I wanted to call home and dove right in. My history has included Business Development, pre-legal, executive management to President. I continue to look for new ways to be an integral part of my staff and the Tucson community, as I truly believe in putting people and patients first.

Dawn Witt

Start year: 1998
Position: Administrator/Staffing

520-731-1117 ext. 111

I’m Dawn Witt, Administrator and Staffing Supervisor at NSI. I’ve been with NSI for over 24 years, learning under the founders of NSI and continually gaining knowledge on how to coordinate and implement the very best quality and compassionate care to individuals in need, as well as providing support to our internal and external staff. I started in the field in 1998 providing care to patients, eventually moving into an internal position that developed over the years, obtaining experience in business management. I’ve worn many hats over the years. I love the rewarding work I do here with NSI. Being able to serve others fills my heart. In my free time, I love spending time with family and friends. Being outdoors, in the mountains or on the beach is my favorite! I love music and cooking, especially at the same time!

Danny Anderson

Start year: 2014
Position: Chief Financial Operations Officer

520-731-1117 ext. 121 

I started working for NSI while I was in high school doing data entry and continued this work through college. Toward the end of college, I had the opportunity to move into the Finance department at NSI and play a more important role in the company. NSI gave me the flexibility to work through school and I am happy to still be a part of the team here at NSI.

Kenneth Cutler

Start year: 2020
Position: Chief Financial Operations Officer

520-731-1117 ext. 120

I began working at NSI as a receptionist while I was finishing my master’s degree at Georgetown University. When I graduated, I stayed on and found a home at NSI as a “jack of all trades” working as a compliance manager and locating areas of improvement in the company and growth opportunities. I progressed to being the sole project manager and lead trainer for new systems and operations such as our EMR, Continuing Education and improvement system for office staff and field staff, etc. Once the implementation was completed, I then began working in the finance and billing departments as the DDD billing manager and payroll. Then quickly moved up to be co-finance operation manager with Danny Anderson where we handle all finance and operations for NSI.

Travis Windle

Start year: 2008
Position: Billing Manager

520-731-1117 ext. 114

Roza Badalov

Start year: 2012
Position: Director of Nursing

520-731-1117 ext. 115

I have been working at NSI since 2012. I was born in Uzbekistan. My family immigrated to Israel in 1990. I moved to New York City and then to Tucson. I graduated from Pima Community College with an Associate Nursing Degree and received my bachelor’s from Northern Arizona University. I have learned and grown in my career from being field staff to case manager and DON. I appreciate NSI for giving me this opportunity to learn about myself and learning to become a leader. In my spare time I like to walk, read, and play with my kids. I speak three languages (Russian, Hebrew, English) which helps me to provide good quality care to NSI patients. I am passionate about working in healthcare with NSI and serving our community with its vast and growing needs.

Blanca Brandenburg

Start year: 2012
Position: Case Manager

520-731-1117 ext. 105

I’m Blanca Brandenburg and I have been a Registered Nurse Case Manager with NSI Nursing since 2012. I love traveling and have six dogs. In 1990, I started my healthcare career as a CNA. In 1998, I earned my License Practical Nursing certification at Pima Community College. I continued with an associate degree in nursing in 2012. I also attended Grand Canyon University for a bachelor’s degree. I worked as a District Nurse with the Department of Developmental Disabilities for two years, serving individuals with cognitive delay and high medical needs. I have worked with special needs and medical fragile individuals for more than 20 years. I am a specialist in ventilator and pediatrics. I also hold a wound care certification and diabetic wound care certification. Currently I am the Certified Wound Specialist at NSI.

Liz McCloskey

Start year: 2005
Position: Case Manager

520-731-1117 ext. 101

I have had the pleasure of being a nurse for 30 years. I started my career at Tucson Medical Center in pediatrics (floor, special care, and PICU). Next, I transitioned to TADRE Children’s Home (group home), where we provided respite services and training for parents of special needs children coming out of the hospital. I became Director of Nursing for TADRE/Danville group homes for children and adults. From there I worked at Children’s Rehabilitative Services, which was a multi‐specialty clinic for special needs kids. Finally, I came to NSI where we provide in-home care for adults and children. I was hired as a case manager, spent time as Director of Nursing, then returned to the job I love as case manager.

Rafael Rivera

Start year: 1999
Position: Case Manager

520-731-1117 ext. 117

I’m Rafael Rivera. I’ve been working for NSI. for the last 23 years and it has always been a great experience. My daily interactions with NSI staff, and our clients, have provided me with such a rewarding workplace. As one of the NSI RN Case Managers, I have been blessed to continue to work for such a great company.

Sara Perez

Start year: 2018
Position: Case Manager

520-731-1117 ext. 129

I’m Sara Perez. I’ve lived in Tucson since 1996. In 2004, I received my nursing degree from Pima Community College and my license from the Arizona State Board of Nursing. I started my career in Peds/PICU and have done a range of areas since. I’ve been with NSI since January 2018 as field staff and now a part-time Case Manager.

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